A Place to Meditate

by Micah D. Saxton

Sometimes being a student means spending long periods of time in the library exercising your mind..er…writing a last minute paper. This means settling in, spreading out your resources and notes, and banging away on your keyboard. In a perfect world you stand up a few hours later with a paper full of clarity and erudition. Also in a perfect world, there are no moments of frustration or writing block between start and finish. In all my years of writing papers, however, I have never found that perfect world. On the contrary, writing (and research) is full of mental blocks and, at times, frustration. In those moments it’s important to close your eyes, relax, and breathe deeply. In fact, it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned meditation.

Thanks to the efforts of Iliff’s Student Senate, there is now a developing meditation space on the top floor of the library (after coming out of the stair well, turn right and turn right again and you’ll see it). There are of course many other good reasons to take some time out of your day for meditation. So no matter what your motivation, you are welcome to use the meditation space in the library for a little peace and mindfulness.