NAPAS Community Worship in the Library

by Mina Nau

On April 27, 2016 the National Alliance of Pan African Seminarians (NAPAS) hosted a three-part Journey Worship Experience.  “It Takes a Village” was the theme. A village of different people gathered and participated in a Spiritual Journey that allowed us to visit the past, present and future. We started the Journey in the Iliff Chapel and sang “Walk Together Children,” to the Library where we were able to share a beautiful and blessed worship experience.  

Preaching in the library was not something I ever thought about doing.  When I think of the library I think of traditional libraries where one goes to do research work, study or read, a place where noise is not permitted.  The Iliff Library has been open to innovative ideas regarding how it can be used. It is no longer just a quiet space for those who want to read and study, it is now a place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to be in community with one another, to engage in conversation, to learn from one another, to relax, to celebrate, to host workshops, to teach classes, to have parties and to play games.  For the National Alliance of Pan African Seminarians (NAPAS), we hosted a worship service experience. The library was decorated with traditional mats, portraits and artifacts. We gathered as a village to be in unity, evoking and honoring our ancestors, welcoming the spirit and rejoicing with gladness as a family.

This was an amazing experience that uplifted and rejuvenated the spirits of many. Using the library as a sacred space to hold a worship service was creative and truly reconnected us to one another and the spirits that were felt in the library space