Ask and Answer

We are moving many kinds of questions and answers to common Iliff-related questions to Iliff's Bloomfire community. In doing so, we hope to build a database of information for students, instructors, and staff with regularly and naturally updated material from the best sources-- each other. Please, if you have a question, search for your topic in Iliff's Bloomfire, and (if it's not yet answered) ask the question to the community. We value your contributions to building this network.

Suggested search terms to try: Canvas, Grades, Instructor

Services Offered

The Learning Lab team is eager to offer support to all our instructors. Ask your question or make an appointment to talk in person with us through

  • Course Design, including assignments, activities, and class environments
  • Canvas Help, for building your course in our instructional software
  • Adjunct trainings and workshops as needed
  • In addition, we can:
    • Provide spaces to meet with students in our physical space or through online tools
    • Scan materials for courses
    • Make materials available and accessible to students
    • Set up email
    • Post cancelled classes notices
    • Provide workspace
    • Coordinate professional development
  • And more-- we are eager to grow along with your needs. Contact us at and ask away on Bloomfire.