friday, april 1

Registration begins at 8:00 AM

FRIDAY SESSION 1 - 8:30-10:30 AM

Texts, Traditions, and Ancient Media Culture. Iliff Hall 301.

  • Pamela Eisenbaum (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Danny Yencich (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Scribal Performers: The Textual Transmission of Luke in the Habitus of Oral Performance
  • Naomi S.S. Jacobs (Congregation Bonai Shalom). Time to Make Up Your Mind: (Re)solving the Question of Redaction in the Book of Tobit
  • James D. Romano (Fuller Theological Seminary). Boundaries of Expansion in Paul
  • Lincoln H. Blumell (Brigham Young University). An Ancient New Testament Fragment Used as an Amulet for Persecution?

Comparative Approaches. Iliff Hall 201.

  • Sharon Coggan (University of Colorado Denver), Presiding
  • Andrew C. Smith (Brigham Young University). Comparing Semiospheres Surrounding Prostration in the Qur’an and Hebrew Bible
  • Sophia Arjana (Iliff School of Theology) and Kim Fox (Independent Junior Scholar & Researcher). Islamic Pilgrimage Reconsidered: Sunni, Shi'i, and the Other in Definitions of Ziyara
  • Blayne Harcey (Iliff School of Theology). Relics, Trances, and Indexes: The Politics of Territory and the Construction of Memory in Encounter

Panel: The State of the Bible in Popular Culture: A Conversation on the Field as it Stands in Our Region. Bartlett Hall.

  • Dan Clanton (Doane College)
  • Elizabeth Coody (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Leonard Greenspoon (Creighton University)
  • Gregory Robbins (University of Denver)
  • Panel Moderator: David Scott (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology)

Panel: Issues of Race and Christianity in American Cemetery Markers, 1780-1950. Ira J. Taylor Library.

  • Elise M. Ciregna. Salvation in Stone: African-American Epitaphs in New England, 1780-1830
  • Elisabeth L. Roark (Chatham University). Transmigration/Transformation: Enrico Butti's Angel of Evocation in Pittsburgh and Milan
  • Annette Stott (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Reverend Kosaburo Baba in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Respondent: Jeffrey Mahan (Iliff School of Theology)

Break - 10:30-10:45 AM

FRIDAY SESSION 2 - 10:45-12:15 PM

Panel: Religion and Science Fiction in Visual Media. Bartlett Hall.

  • William Ramsey (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Joshua Siary (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Caitlyn Brandt (University of Colorado Boulder)

Religion and Politics. Iliff Hall 201.

  • David Weddle (Colorado College), Presiding
  • Ryan Patrick Murphy (Colorado Christian University). Religious Liberty and Kim Davis: Some Key Clarifications
  • Casey Paul Griffiths (Brigham Young University). The Chicago Experiment: The Modernist/Fundamentalist Controversy within Mormonism
  • Thomas M. Kelly (Creighton University). Ecclesiology and Communal Agency: The Case of Peru

Literary Approaches to the Hebrew Bible. Iliff Hall 301.

  • Richard S. Hess (Denver Seminary), Presiding.
  • Avram R. Shannon (Brigham Young University). 'Hear, O Sons of Jacob': Tribe and Identity in Rabbinic Judaism
  • David Pettit (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Expiating Apostasy: Baal Peor, Moses, and Intermarriage with a Midianite Woman
  • Nicolae Roddy (Creighton University). The Art of Deception and the Deception of Art: "The Rape of Tamar" (2 Samuel 13)
  • Kyle R. Greenwood (Colorado Christian University). Mesha and the Moabite War of 2 Kings 3: A Case for Cohesion

New Testament. Ira J. Taylor Library. 

  • Micah Saxton (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • David Parris (Fuller Theological Seminary Colorado). Force Dynamics and Verb Constructions in Koine Greek
  • Sherri Brown (Creighton University). The Challenge of 2 Peter and the Call to Theosis
  • Scott Moore (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Prophets and Paradigms: Dialogical Intertextuality in the Book of Hebrews

lunch and plenary address - 12:30-2:00 PM
Shattuck hall

David Frankfurter (Boston University)
The Devil is in the Details: On the Moral Imperative and Perverse Thrill in Examining Acts of Evil

Pamela Eisenbaum (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding

Buy David Frankfurter's book, Evil Incarnate: Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History

Friday session 3 - 2:15-3:45 PM

Religion and the Human Subject. Iliff Hall 201.

  • David Scott (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Jeff Appel (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Militant Apostleship as Subjectivity: Examining the Semiotics of Authority in Badiou and Kierkegaard
  • Eldon C. Creer, Jr. (Iliff School of Theology). Black Jesus in America: Affirming Counter-images of the Divine
  • Benjamin John Peters (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Telescope + Mirror = Reflections of the Infinite: Umberto Eco and the Cosmic Image of Religion

Gender and Religion. Iliff Hall 301.

  • Sherri Brown (Creighton University), Presiding
  • Jonathan C. Groce (Duke Divinity School). Revelation's Martyrology in Response to a Crisis of Masculinity
  • Megan DeVore (Colorado Christian University). Domina Soror: Reading an Early Christian Martyrdom Account in Light of Graeco-Roman Benefaction
  • Deirdre Brouer (Denver Seminary). Wisdom's Triumphant Voice in 2 Samuel 13:1-22

Religion, Media, and Popular Culture. Bartlett Hall.

  • Jacob Kinnard (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Gregory Robbins (University of Denver). 'Late Style': Woody Allen at 80
  • Seth M. Walker (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Brewpub Theology?: Embedding "Religion" in the Craft Beer Industry

Apocryphal TraditionsBEC 218.

  • Eric Smith (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Rob Heaton (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). The Disappearance of the Shepherd: Interrogating the Extracanonicity of "Le Manuel de Vie Chrétienne" (Henne)
  • John Sehorn (Augustine Institute). All the Nations Will Truly Fear God: Echoes of the Book of Tobit in Acts 9-10
  • Pamela Mullins Reaves (Colorado College). Peter in Alexandria: Apostolic Connections and Intra-Christian Competition

The Role of Memory in Christian History. Ira J. Taylor Library.

  • Amy Erickson (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Josh Schacterle (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). On the Tablet of the Heart: The Desert Fathers, the Memorization of Scripture, and New Identity
  • John Sheridan (University of Colorado Boulder). The Anabaptist Historical Narrative: Martyrdom, Suffering, and Communalism

BREAK - 3:45-4:00

FRIDAY Special session - 4:00-5:15 PM

The Academic Study of Religion: What is Trending Now? A Conversation
Pamela Eisenbaum (Iliff School of Theology), Presiding

Shattuck hall

Reception 5:15-6:30
Shattuck hall

saturday, april 2

breakfast business meeting - 7:15-8:15. shattuck hall.

Saturday session 1 - 8:30-10:30 AM

Panel: Textual Technologies: Reading and Writing the Bible with Natural Language Processing. Ira J. Taylor Library.

  • Justin Barber (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Timothy Beal (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Pamela Eisenbaum (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Michael Hemenway (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Micah Saxton (Iliff School of Theology)

Panel: Current Topics in Morality for the Field of Religion and Psychology. Iliff Hall 201.

  • Kelly Arora (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Sandra Lee Dixon (University of Denver)
  • Shawn Fawson (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology)
  • Zachary Moon (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology)

Hebrew Bible: Using Non-Textual Evidence. Bartlett Hall.

  • Dana Pike (Brigham Young University), Presiding
  • Courtney Ewert (Brigham Young University). Infant and Child Burials in Nabataea
  • Richard S. Hess (Denver Seminary). The Book of Exodus and the Personal Names of the Exodus Generation
  • George A. Pierce (Brigham Young University). The "Four-Room House" Complex at Tell Dothan, Area A: An Analysis of Function, Demography, and Cultural Identity
  • Amy L. Balogh (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). The Domestication of the Auroch and the "Heat of His Nostrils": Redescribing the Wrath of Yahweh and Moses in Light of Natural History

Theological Approaches. Iliff Hall 301.

  • Thomas M. Kelly (Creighton University), Presiding
  • Kristine M. Whaley (University of Glasgow). Let Us Be Selfish: A Literary Theology of the Humanity of Women
  • Michael Stark (Colorado Christian University). Love as Equality: A Kierkegaardian Theology of Inclusion
  • Travis E. Ables (Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Mary). Between Hope and Fear: Reframing Anselm's Atonement Theology

break 10:30-10:45 AM

saturday session 2 - 10:45-12:15 pm

Religion and Demography. Iliff Hall 201.

  • Luís León (University of Denver), Presiding.
  • Néstor A. Gómez Morales (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Can the Subaltern Speak? The Active Silence of Latina Pentecostal Women
  • Emily H. McGowin (Church of the Resurrection). "Viper in a Diaper" or God's Greatest Gift? Children and Childhood in the American Quiverfull Movement

Pauline Studies. Iliff Hall 301.

  • Thom Wayment (Brigham Young University), Presiding
  • Amanda Hardman (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Establishing a Rhetorical Context for the "Wrath of God" in Romans 1:18
  • Johann D. Kim (Colorado Christian University). Groaning of the Creation: Suffering and Hope in Romans 8:18-25
  • Mark Maxwell (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology). Death in Romans 1
  • Dulcinea Boesenberg (Creighton University). "When You Were Gentiles": Idolatry and Identity in the Corinthian Ekklesia

Panel: Working with the Composition of the Pentateuch. Ira J. Taylor Library.

  • Sam Boyd (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Mark K. George (Iliff School of Theology)
  • Ronald A. Simkins (Creighton University)

What is "Religion"? Bartlett Hall.

  • Anthony Roberts (University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology), Presiding
  • Jeffrey Mahan (Iliff School of Theology). What Do We Mean by "Popular" in the Study of Religion and Popular Culture?
  • Timothy Snediker (University of Denver). How (Not) to Speak of Religion: Some Notes on the Christian Question
  • Stella Bonnie (Naropa University). Mindful Appropriation and the Appropriation of Mindfulness: How the American Mindfulness Movement Perpetuates Colonial Oppression of the Indigenous Self


John J. O'Keefe (creighton UNIVERSITY)
Augustine and the anthropocene

Ronald A. Simkins (Creighton University), Presiding