Use Canvas to Form Your Own Writing Groups

You can use canvas to share filesstart a discussionsend messages, or collaborate. The software that all Iliff students share to make your group flow more smoothly.

How do you create your own online canvas Student Writing Group? Click this sentence for the tech instructions.

General Advice for Forming a Helpful Writing Group

Excellent practical advice on how to benefit from a writing group can be found in Paul Silvia's How to Write A Lotbut the best benefits come from a group that is willing to listen to its members and a solid goal the group agrees on. 

Groups can help you in practical (editing) and psychological (encouragement) ways.  Agree with your group on what your goals (long and short term) will be.  Check in regularly.  Make sure you group sticks to its goal or agrees to a change.

Click this sentence for an article about online writing groups.  In it, Billie Hara claims that writing groups can: 

  • help keep you accountable to your writing goals
  • read drafts of your work and provide feedback (critics)
  • provide emotional support (cheerleaders)
  • foster relationships (within or between disciplines)
  • help stave off inertia
  • keep procrastination under control*

Hara qualifies this last benefit--(*)your group is only as good as you make it!

Are you interested in joining or creating a writing group? Hear a panel of our very own faculty and student experts. At the Writing Groups Forum, you'll hear some tips and tricks for from people who have been a part of variety of types of writing groups. Learn from their experiences!