Book Donations

Thank you for your consideration of the Ira J. Taylor Library. 

Book donations are not being accepted at this time.  This freeze will be revisited in December 2022. 

In keeping with library policy, we examine all donations in order to determine whether the materials fit the subject interests and scope of the collection. If we find that we have an item already, or that it is not a good match for our collection, we may use it in our book sale fundraising for new furniture, or send it to Better World Books to find a new home. Note that Library staff may choose to accept or deny donations at their discretion. 

Donations of books should be free of mildew, mold, water damage, and excessive dirt or dust; if books with these are discovered, any books in the same container will be disposed of.  Additionally, books with highlighting/marking, excessive spine damage, missing covers, or missing pages are unlikely to be considered (exceptions may be made for books published more than 50 years ago – 1972 and older).

Filling out the form, as well as clicking the box below, indicates your acceptance of this policy as listed in the paragraphs above.