Request a Study Carrel

The Taylor Library provides a limited amount of study carrels & lockers to members of the Iliff community – top priority is given to current Iliff students first, and those who are in good standing with the institution.

Current Iliff Students: may reserve a study carrel/locker for a period running through the current academic year, from September through the following June.

Public Patrons: alumni, visiting scholars, and members of the public may reserve remaining available carrels/lockers, starting in October.  These may be reserved on a monthly basis, with possibility to renew during the last week of each month, and ending in August.  Renewal is not guaranteed if current student need exceeds available units.

If you would like to request a study carrel for the academic year, please read the study carrel policy and fill out the form below.  A Librarian will contact you with further information after it has been received and processed.

Study Carrel & Locker Policies

  1. One (1) carrel may be assigned to each person. Lockers are available for additional storage, also limited to one (1) per person – lockers have library-provided padlocks, you will be given a key to access yours, which will need to be returned when your check-out period is over.
  2. TIME: Your carrel/locker may be accessed during library hours.  It may be possible for after-hour usage (currently being assessed), however this is not guaranteed and will need to be cleared through the Librarian ahead of time.
  3. DECOR: You may opt to decorate your carrel (within reason) to support focus, energy, and motivation.  Please be considerate of others who share and use the library space and refrain from anything extending beyond the carrel, and nothing hazardous or problematic.  Should you decorate your carrel, please use easy removal sticky tack, or painters tape only. (No heavy adhesive tapes, or scotch tape allowed)
  4. BELONGINGS: It is your responsibility to retrieve any needed items from the library, carrels, or lockers, before you leave, daily closings, and scheduled closures.  Staff are not available for after-hours assistance/return to the building.
  5. SECURITY: Taylor Library and Library Staff are not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.  Please consider a locker for additional security, or take items with you when you leave.
  6. BOOKS: Out of consideration for other library users, all library materials left in your carrel overnight must be checked out.  Reference books and Periodical materials may not be left in carrels. Any such material found by library staff will be removed and re-shelved.
  7. FOOD: food and beverages may be enjoyed at your own study carrel, however we request that all food/drink be taken out of the library with you when you leave to avoid spills, mold, or pests.  If available, your food/drink may be moved to the Iliff Commons refrigerator.
  8. FIRE: In accordance with fire code, no candles or incense are allowed in the carrels.   Additionally, the use/storage of heated elements/burn risk items such as coffee pots, hot plates, etc. are not permitted in carrels.
  9. NOISE: Study carrels are intended for focus, please be courteous of your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum, earbuds/headphones are recommended for music/audiobooks/podcasts, etc.  Please take phone calls to an unoccupied space in the lower level, or to the main level of the library.
  10. SEATING: There may be a variety of seating options available within the library carrels.  You may select a chair from an “Available” carrel to swap with yours to suit your comfort; chairs at “Occupied” carrels are considered chosen and not to be swapped.  Ask a librarian for assistance if you have questions/issues with your seating.
  11. CLEAN: please ensure that you maintain a clean study carrel, not storing food, liquids, perishables, items with heavy fragrances, etc. that may interfere with fellow researchers and users of the library.
  12. DAMAGES: Damaged/broken furniture, or items ruined by food, drink, or other means may result in loss of study carrel privileges and/or fines.  We realize these are not new units but please make efforts to keep them in functioning order.
  13. FINES: Should there be excessive cleaning or replacement of furniture necessary, or lost locker key, Library staff may place a fine and academic hold on your account until said matter is paid/resolved. 
  14. LOST ITEMS:  All personal items must be removed from the study carrel by June 30th.  Library staff will attempt to contact you about any items left behind after the commencement ceremony; items not claimed may be thrown away at staff discretion.
  15. Carrel & locker users are expected to abide by all other library policies.
  16. If you decide to relinquish your carrel early, or find issues/concerns with a carrel, please contact

Study Carrel & Locker Application Form