The Iliff Writing Center

The Iliff Writing Center offers assistance to any member of the Iliff community, from novices to published authors,  at any point in the writing process. The sort of writing required for the graduate degrees Iliff offers is quite unlike anything else; we can help you figure it out.

We are open to all parts of the Iliff community, including students, staff, and instructors. The center specializes in structure and grammar issues in specific assignments or projects.  We would love to help you improve your writing, yet please keep in mind this is not a copy-editing service.

Iliff engages in a collaborative effort with students with disabilities to reasonably accommodate student needs. We encourage students to contact their assigned advisor to initiate the process of requesting accommodations. The advising center can be contacted by e-mail (


Making an Appointment with the Writing Center

  1. To make an appointment with the Writing Center, please send an email to or use this appointment link to select appointment times. Appointments will be conducted over Zoom, unless otherwise specified.  If you want feedback on your writing, but are unable to meet, you can also request that comments be sent to you via email.
  2. Send an email to at least 24 hours in advance with the work you want reviewed and a copy of any/all assignment instructions. Please send work on Friday if you make an appointment for Monday.

For up to 5 pages of writing (double-spaced): Please send work that you wish to be reviewed, plus a copy of your assignment (if applicable), a full 24 hours in advance of the meeting that you schedule.

For 6-10 pages of writing (double-spaced): Please send work that you wish to be reviewed, plus a copy of your assignment (if applicable), a full 48 hours in advance of the meeting that you schedule.

**Without prior agreement The Writing Center will not accept more than 10 pages of work per student  per week.**

The Writing Center is not available and does not check email on the weekends; work to be reviewed on Monday must be submitted by Friday. 

Formatting and other requirements

  1. Please make sure that any drafts you submit include page numbers.
  2. All work must be submitted as either a Microsoft Word document or a Google Doc.
  3. PROOFREAD YOUR WORK BEFORE SENDING IT.  This is not a copy-editing service and obvious typos will not be marked or corrected.

For more on the Writing Center’s policies and procedures, please click here.

Guidelines for longer pieces of work including Dissertations, Theses, Articles for Publication, and Conference Papers

The Writing Center will not accept any individual pieces of work longer than 30 pages.  As stated above, we only accept 10 pages of work per person per week, so please note that if you submit a paper between 11 and 20 pages, the turnaround time will be two weeks.  For a paper between 21 and 30 pages, the turnaround time will be three weeks.

Whatever you submit will be read with an eye toward helping you improve your writing skills; it will not be evaluated for content.  For feedback regarding the content of your work, please consult your Thesis Reader or Faculty Mentor.

We do not read full dissertations.  If you want feedback on your dissertation writing, you can submit a single chapter, and we will read up to 30 pages of it over a three-week period.  Those writing dissertations should seek feedback from their faculty mentors and dissertation committee members.

As a reminder, the Writing Center does not provide copy-editing services.  Services like this are available for a fee and are offered online by many different sources.

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