Welcome to the Iliff Research Center

Mission and Mechanics

The Iliff Research Center offers assistance to any member of the Iliff community, including students, staff, and faculty. The center focuses on helping you improve research skills and find resources to further your academic journey.  For Alumni and members of the public, appointments may still be scheduled, however priority during academic terms is given to current active students, staff, and faculty.

Many questions about use of the site and Iliff’s electronic resources may be answered by clicking in the “View Research Guides” and “Watch Research Videos” buttons above.

Please limit yourself to no more than one appointment per week.  We request that you make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance during the business week, Monday through Friday (the Research Center is not available and does not check email on the weekends, an appointment for Monday must be made at least 1 hour before the library closes the prior Friday).

Iliff engages in a collaborative effort with students with disabilities to reasonably accommodate student needs. We encourage students to contact their assigned advisor to initiate the process of requesting accommodations. The advising center can be contacted by e-mail (advising@iliff.edu) or by phone (303) 765-1146.